Local Film Studio since

Sooke, British Columbia

Zipperdude Productions Inc


The studio formed when Chris "Zipperdude" Lumley, and Chris "AngelSwords" Pollitt, got together and started writing stories that they wanted to be turned into movies. This eventually led to the idea to make and release a video on YouTube.
They made a 20 minute, 2 part movie called "Take 1 Bloopers" and quickly after release, both men decided to continue with movie making, and make Take 1 Bloopers into a series.

Before Episode 2 of Take 1 Bloopers was released, Sam Stokoe joined the studio and became a series regular for "Take 1 Bloopers".

During this year, the studio decided to start another series, called "Channel "B" Blooper News". A comedy show based on a news station. Another show called "KILL WOODY!!!" was also released, based on Chris trying to kill a wooden block. Despite both series having 2 episodes and a small fan-base, both show's were canceled.

In early 2009, Co-Founder and actor Chris Pollitt left the studio due to personal reasons, leaving only Chris Lumley and Sam Stokoe as the remaining founders.
Sam Stokoe took over Chris Pollitt's position of Co-Host for Take 1 Bloopers at the start of the show's second season.

The Studio launched two new shows in this year, "The Panther Show" a talk show with The Pink Panther being the host, and "Band O'Bloopers" a show where music star Sam S. makes bad music videos. 

After two episodes, The Panther Show was canceled, leaving on Take 1 Bloopers and Band O'Bloopers in constant production. 

Take 1 Bloopers: The Movie was made (T1B: The Movie) in celebration for the launch of it's third season.

Also in this year, the studio released it's first short video titled "Secret Agent Chris"

The studio released it's second short video titled "The Lineup".

Production also started on a new show, titled "You know your a man when.."  It's loosely based on the show "Are you smarter then a fifth grader?"
The show was canceled after two episodes.

In Mid-2011, "Sams House" a spin-off from Take 1 Bloopers was announced. The show was similar in style and production values and showcased what the boys did in their spare time. 

In mid-2012, Zipperdude Productions Inc. Started another studio to produce video game related videos and movies. The Studio, GamerHaus Productions (Formally GoonHaven Productions) built up as Chris Lumley as lead scriptwriter, director and editor, released three episodes of a Minecraft reboot of "The A-Team" before being put on a definite hold, due to cast commitments. 

Band O'Bloopers also released it's last song before being put on hold due to production starting on a new show titled "COMMANDO". The show was to be based on a elite military squad betrayed by the government and on the run to clear their names. The show is still said to be in Pre-Production. 

In late-2012, Zipperdude Productions Inc and GamerHaus Productions announced IL-2. A series based on A World-War-2 plane squadron. Nothing is currently known about the state of the series.

Unfortunately, due to rising server costs and availability of the american cast members, GamerHaus Productions shut down late-2012, with all assets going to ZIpperdude Productions Inc. 

Also in late-2012, Zipperdude Productions Inc. started releasing weekly podcasts titled "Nerds Cubed", releasing 6 episodes before being canceled due to increasing difficultly of acquiring a venue to record.

The studio was also awarded a YouTube Partnership at this time.

In early 2013, The studio released it's third short movie "When I'm Chris and Sam".

In Mid-2013, the studio released it's fourth short movie, titled "The Escape". The movie, made in the span of two weeks, took place at the local high school, where students are trying to escape detention. 

About 3 weeks after the release of "The Escape", Zipperdude Productions Inc. announced another short movie, titled "STAR TREK: EMCS". Production on this started on March 26th, and was released in mid-April. 
During Production of STAR TREK: EMCS, The studio started releasing daily "Behind-the-scenes" videos detailing production of the movie. These ended after 5 episodes, but were very popular. 

One week after the release of STAR TREK: EMCS, The studio announced another short movie "The A-Team", based on the popular TV show. The studio produced "Behind-the-scenes" videos similar to the ones that were released when "STAR TREK: EMCS" was in production. 

During Production of the A-Team; Zipperdude Productions Inc. received a new logo and a new look. The website also went through major changes. 

"The Escape" and "The A-Team" were both premiered at EMCS: Final Projects Night, along with a music video directed and edited by Chris Lumley, premiered for two nights at EMCS: Final Projects Night with a very positive response.

Chris Lumley was awarded the "EMCS Senior Film Production" award for 2013. 

The Studio also finally upgraded their aging camera. :D

The studio was relatively quiet for the first few months of 2014, until March when the studio released the first short of the year titled "The Quest for Burgers" featuring Chris Lumley, Sam Stokoe and Chris' BMW.
This was the only video to be released this year due to technical difficulties with aging equipment, but the studio took this time to write several new scripts; later to be revealed as over 32 new scripts.

A new YouTube channel "ZDPlays" was launched, featuring video game videos from Chris "Zipperdude" Lumley & Friends.

In December the Zipperdude Productions Inc. teased a new show, with a trailer to be released before the end of the year. This is did not happen and shortly after Chris "Zipperdude" Lumley had reported "we got a little to excited and ahead of ourselves, we'll be releasing more information soon!" 

In March the studio had revealed it had re-structured it's management and announced a "Board of Directors" consisting of Chris Lumley, Sam Stokoe, Jared Hampson, Jordan Henneberry, Angel Fitzner, Trevor Flood, Rhianna McPhee, Michael Willson & Doug King. 

In October, Zipperdude Productions Inc announced they are sponsoring Sooke Harbour Players production of "The Who's TOMMY"  and are filming and making the production into a DVD.

Also in October, the studio released a surprise reveal of a Take 1 Bloopers revival, titled "T1B" and shortly released the beginning of the pilot episode as a sneak peak. When asked whats changing in the re-boot; show-runner Chris Lumley replied "We're doing more script based skits, and generally moving away from random ideas to fully developed skits, really. We're going for an old show, new tricks feel for it, and I think the new name and logo represents that really well." 

Sooke Harbour Players TOMMY ran from November 6th to the 15th. During that time the studio filmed the show and made it into a complete DVD complete with bonus features. This DVD was the studios first project outside of YouTube, and the first physical product ever. And on December 17th the studio hosted a premiere at the local theatre for the entire cast and crew of Sooke Harbour Players TOMMY which was met with critical acclaim, and sold out of all the DVDs printed.   

Just before the end of the year, it was announced that the studio was delaying the T1B reboot to have time to work on The Who's TOMMY. 

On January 31st, Zipperdude Productions Inc announced a new YouTube Channel (separate from the main channel) called "Nocturnal" which focuses on PC Video gaming and gaming commentary's. The channel, which is built up as Chris Lumley, John Dyer, and Trevor Flood, have them playing video games together and recording their misadventures.
Just before Nocturnal launched it's first episode, John Dyer was added to the Board of Directors.

In March of 2016 the studio celebrated fellow member Trevor Flood's birthday by making him a cake using unconventional ingredients, and released a video showcasing that particular adventure. The video, (which was the studios longest ever) titled "Trevors Birthday Cake Spectacular" was met with a very positive response.

In April the studio announced a brand new Improv comedy show; titled "DONT GET ME STARTED" with a release date of late-2016. 

Also in April,  Zipperdude Productions Inc partnered again with Sooke Harbour Players to sponsor their production of Fawlty Towers 3.5 and a Half, to film and make the production into a DVD. The Film premiered at the EMCS Community Theatre on May 26 2016 to critical acclaim from the cast + crew. 

Directly after the premiere for Fawlty Towers, the studio released a trailer for the content planned for 2016; which included an announcement of new "Birthday Cake Spectacular" episodes, and the announcement of a brand new show "Sam's Iron Stomach"